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The partners:


1) Institute of Chemistry of Molecular Recognition of the Italian National Research Council

2) Department of Biotransformation, University of Wroclaw 



Financial supporter:

Italian Ministry of Foreigner Affairs



Biocoatings for the development of materials with antifouling properties

A scientific research bilateral project between Italian and Polish institutions supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreigner Affairs

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A bilateral joint action for scientific and technological purposes


The project


The research project "Biocoatings for the development of materials with antifouling properties" is a project approved by the Italian Ministry of Foreigner Affairs as Significant research project, within the frame of the Executive Programme of Scientific and Technological Cooperation between the Italian Republic and the Republic of Poland, for the years 2013-2015.



Objectives of the project


This research project aims at obtaining hybrid materials based on polymers (e.g., polypropylene, polyethylene, polycarbonate) or textile, superficially covered with biological materials (enzymes and / or biosurfactants)  able to prevent the formation of biofilms.


Competences of the partners


The Polish and Italian partners have complementary skills that can contribute to the implementation of the project and to the achievement of the objectives described above. The Italian partner has experience in the immobilization and characterization of modified enzymes on various surfaces. The Polish partner has experience in methods used for the characterization of biofilms. Furthermore, the polish team has experience in the preparation and use of biosurfactants for the preparation of surfaces endowed of antibiofilm activity.

Italian team:
Dr. Francesco Secundo (scientific coordinator and researcher), Dr. Gianluca Ottolina (researcher), Dr. Francesca Zambianchi (researcher), Dr. Eugenio Spadoni Andreani  (early stage researcher).
Polish team:  
Dr. Anna Krasowska (scientific coordinator, researcher), Dr. Lukaszewicz Marcin (Head of Department and researcher),  Dr. Dzidkowiec Dorota (researcher).


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